Melissa (bramericasil) wrote in brainsoap,

what I am thinking right now

I'm thinking that

- I don't really like "pecan pie"

- southern accent is cute

- Brandon is incredibly sexy wearing glasses

- I don't mind being a little over my weight, if it is the cheapest way to have more boobs

- I should have bought those Prada sandals with 50% off

- the book Mushroom Man should have part II

- I'm sleepy but want to keep writing this

- Sara Jessica Parker is living in New Orleans (yayyyy!...)

- and I'm going to New Orleans (yayyyy!...)

- the things I bought from Amazon didn't arrive yet

- I need to shave my legs

- I REALLY need to shave my legs

- Bobby Brown is...who is Bobby Brown?

- Comedy Central makes me laugh...a lot

- ai ai...I'm falling asleep...

- this blog is getting too long

- I should trust more in people, less in cats

- instead of using words in the future, I should use them in the present

- I can't park...and I am going to take my american driver's license on Saturday

- love has finally showed its face to me

- the word "pretty" is actually ugly

- tomorrow I wake up at 7am

- juicy sounds eewww, eekeee
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