Melissa (bramericasil) wrote in brainsoap,

What I want...

...right now is

-to go to my grandparents wedding anniversary party on saturday

-have my onw pet

-by a new laptop

-viisit my friend's new apartment

-go to Bravissimo with my friend regina

-go for a walk around the lake with my brother

-have some sugar cane juice and churros while walking there

-have " 1 pastel de carne e 1 corintiano com 1 cotubinha" at mercadao with my dad

-go downtown at the end of the afternoon with my mom

-have one of those smashing bones hugs from pedro

-smell the passion fruit incense while looking outside of my old bedroom's windown in a hot summer night

-hold charlie brown one more time

-listen to my old cell phone rings

-eat on my dad's chair while watching tv

-pao frances, todinho, fandangos, chapinha, sonho, pao de mel, bolo de fuba e rosquinha da vo gina, panqueca da minha mae, churrasco...ate skol

-eat the sweet popcorn they make in the movie theatre at rio preto shopping center

-make plans and stick to them

-study spanish...again

-do my masters

-play my guitar

-let my hair grow long

-see cris and re happy to be here, and happy to have taken the right decisions

-stop complaining about my weight and go to the gym ( i want it, but not sure if i'll do it)

-buy a new book and start reading, cos I only read 4 books in the last year (well, got understand that my first language is portuguese, and i am reading in english...take some time...)

-stop this list and go eat something...

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