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Bored. Thought I'd post here. I can't remember if I ever have before.

Hmm, let's see. How're things going in my life right now? I'd say, at this very exact moment, pretty damn good.

School's out for summer, and I've got a lot of things that I want to do. I just came back from Disney World yesterday. That was pretty sweet. A lot of firsts. I have a feeling even more firsts are coming my way this summer.

Warped Tour is in about a month. Really excited for that. Some other things I want to do this summer include Renn Fest, Sterlingfest ( local fair type thing in my city ), and even more local shows with my friends. We'll see how everything goes, I'm still saving money.

Random note for people who are possibly reading this: If you already aren't, get into your local music scene. Lots of fun, and lots of really cool people.

Random things that are on my mind right now:
- I need a new hair cut.
- I'd like some new CDs.
- It's very quiet in my house right now.
- I need to clean my laptop screen.
- I want to visit Chicago, among many other places.
- I get bored easily.
- I wonder if I'll ever get somewhere in photography.
- Bullet lists of your life are so boring and unimaginative.

I'll stop now, and continue chewing my lip wondering what I should do with today.
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